Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala: Kerala, known as ‘God’s own country,’ excels not only in culture and scenic beauty but also in the robust cosmetic manufacturing industry. Cosmetic manufacturing is a thorough and crucial process that guarantees the production of high-quality products yielding optimal results.

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

It involves careful planning and efficient logistics to ensure timely delivery. If you’re seeking the most trusted cosmetic manufacturer in Kerala, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a curated list of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala.

Curated List of Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers and Suppliers in Kerela

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

The list of 10 Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Kerela works by certain factors namely compliance with regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction for the better results of their products.

Seasons Healthcare

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Seasons Healthcare is a well-known business offering reliable and superior Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Services in Kerela. With the help of modern technology and sound infrastructure, they provide high-quality manufacturing services for our customers. Besides the knowledge of beauty product production, the company increase the expected sales by offering various bonuses and privileges.

They are endowed with a large manufacturing floor with updated machinery and a strong base, thus conducting business with ease and expansion. Here are the key features of partnering with us, one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala, include:

  • Certification in HACCP-KOSHER standards
  • Comprehensive stock availability
  • Detailed analytical reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Tailored formulation services
  • Sample testing capabilities
  • Customized export services

Contact Info:

Call At: +91 98722-19010

Mail To:

Address: Rajakhasa, Indora, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Lodzya Organics

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Lodzya Organics is established among the 10 Best Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Kerala with consistent delivery of Natural Cosmetics. Their products are on the natural side, they are cheap and recommended to have minimal side effects and they have potent formulations.

Skin care creams for the face and body only; their products contain the minerals and herbs concerning skin treatments. They carry out their operations in a contemporary production facility and have skin specialists test the components for efficacy, stability, and pH.

  • Monthly production capacity of 5000 units with a 2-year shelf life
  • Noted for smooth texture and quality focus
  • Orders delivered within 25 days

Address: 10, Leela Trade Centre Building, Olari – Pullazhi Rd, Thrissur, Kerala, Pin Code:- 680012

Siso Cosmetics

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Siso Cosmetics Company was founded in the year 1985 and has grown to be a leading cosmetics manufacturing company in Kerela states it produces herbal-based cosmetics for the market at very affordable prices. They supply their products to many customers across India, UAE, Oman, China, Kenya, Sudan, Yemen, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands with intense commitment towards their customers as well as their products.

Having a range of more than 27 products in hair treatment, skin treatment, and body hygiene, Siso Cosmetics remains ISO 9001, 14001, and 22716 (CGMP) certified holding the highest standards of production and affordable cosmetics.

Address: TC No. 4/2590, Siso Building, Chavadimukku, Pangappara – P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695581

Novel Industries

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Novel Industries is one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Kerela that carry a reputed name in Kerala. Is a manufacturer, supplier and producer firm which is established in 2001 with a product specialization in hair oils. They are accredited with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and practice the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Their infrastructural facility can meet international standards regarding quality control from the acquisition of raw materials to the final product testing.

  • Depend on trusted suppliers for quality supply
  • Testing helps to produce quality products that have a long duration of use
  • Commitment to the provision of quality goods

Address: Thiruvalla-Kumbazha Hihwayy, Thekkemala, Pathanamthitta, Mallapuzhassery, Kerala 689654

Vaishali Industries

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Vaishali Industries was established in the year 1946 by its chairman Vijay Deo, and the business of the company is manufacturing, sales, wholesale, retail and other services. Operating at an annual turnover of INR 2 to 5 crore, it offers herbal skin care products under categories like Holy Lama Naturals.

Their headquarters’ ISO and GMP accreditation shows their dedication towards quality production using new clean technologies from ancient and current knowledge. They place a lot of emphasis on the delivery of efficient quality services to customers and are closely overseen by a vigorous R&D division.

Address: Industrial Estate, South Kalamassery, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala, Pin Code:- 683104

Bioveda Naturals

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Bioveda Naturals is one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala which specializes in beauty and personal care products. They are associated with cleanliness and prescribe organic, herbal cosmetics following Ayurvedic practices that aim at beautifying the skin and making the body healthier.

With a particular focus on sustainability, they use environmentally friendly production and procurement of materials. As a skincare, haircare and wellness brand, Bioveda Naturals is a pioneer of all-natural beauty solutions.

Address: TK 426 Z 13,1st floor,KP Plaza,Parakkandy, Kannur, Kerala 670001, India

Holy Lama Naturals

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Holy Lama Naturals is a well-established cosmetic manufacturing company of Kerala originating in the year 1946 which specialises in the production of organic and herbal cosmetic products like face creams, fragrances, shampoo, and other essential oils.

They have over 7 decades of experience in the production of essential oils while observing strict quality and purity certification by the ISO and the GMP. Holy Lama specializes in contract manufacturing and private labels and operates in over 30 countries with a focus on sustainability.

Address: Vaishali Industries Major Industrial Estate, K.D Plot P.O., South Kalamassery, Cochin 683 104, Kerala, India.

Vab Cosmetics

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Vab Cosmetics is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified organization that is into the production of superior quality cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceuticals, and therapeutic products. They offer new and higher quality services and products to an array of clients such as doctors, makeup artists, hotels, and retail brands as well as salons and spas.

As for the capacity of new tendencies, Vab Cosmetics provides sensitive cosmetics without animal testing and bright packaging. They offer a flexible minimum order, which is good news for young entrepreneurs who want to start their beauty product lines.

Address: Vab Cosmetics, Door No-1/363,1/368A, NH 66 Azhinjilam P.O, Calicut – 673632, Kerala

Pyary Soap Company

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Pyary Products is the oldest cosmetics manufacturing company in India which was established in 1930 and it is famous for its quality and international acceptance. They deal with Herbal Cosmetics, Cosmetics that contain some natural pure ingredients that can help in treating ailments, suitable for any season. The brand Pyary is manufactured in Kerala, the state recognized for its ayurvedic treatments, and products and includes extended principles of ayurveda and natural herbs.

Pyary Products is a herbal cosmetic manufacturing company in Kerala that has achieved excellent results for major awards and certificates, which is committed to the tradition of Ayurveda.

Address: Poonithura, Cochin – 682038 Kerala – India

Greenleaf Extractions Private Limited

Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala

Being one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers in Kerala, Greenleaf Extractions Pvt. Ltd. deals with the extraction of natural products from plants and herbs for cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and therapeutic applications. It adopts India’s abundance of plant resources and strives for cooperation with local peasants.

They are ISO, HACCP, and GMP certified, guaranteeing product quality control and embracing innovation. When in need of natural ingredients for cosmetics making, Greenleaf Extractions is among the best to turn to.

Address: Plot No:15, 321/1, KINFRA HI-TECH Park, Opp. Cochin Medical College, HMT Colony P.O. Kalamassery 683503, Kerala, India.

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