Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore: Did you ever pay attention to how the cosmetic industry, starting from lip products to face cosmetics, has transformed today? This evolution has resulted in meeting a high demand for Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies In Bangalore. Today, cosmetic products are very essential in making both males and females more attractive.

Taking into account the existing tendencies, the start of the business in cosmetic manufacturing services and products may be highly effective. If you are considering venturing into this particular industry the following is a list of the Top Cosmetic Manufacturers In Bangalore to guide you.

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Step to Locate Cosmetic Products Manufacturers

Selecting the right cosmetic manufacturer and supplier in India is increasingly proving to be a bit difficult mainly because of the presence of many companies. Examine the steps that can assist in selecting the best one!

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

  • Start by searching online
  • Look at the industry directories and relevant marketplaces.
  • Contact Trade Associations
  • Make sure that you are exercising on the manufacturer to observe quality standards.
  • Promote clarity of the minimum quantities that can be ordered
  • Use the following samples to assess the quality of the manufactured products.
  • Reserve capacity avails concerning the company’s production requirements
  • The amount of production you can achieve correlates with the requirements of your enterprise.
  • Recruitment procedures include reviewing terms of service, contracts, company prices, and payment structure.
  • Visit the manufacturing facility.

Find Out The List of Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers and Suppliers in Bangalore 2024

In Bangalore, which is a hub of cosmetics businesses and industries across India, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of excellent cosmetics. Below is a list of the top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore and their position in the market.

Seasons Healthcare

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Seasons Healthcare was established in the year 2005 and hence it is a comparatively young company in India, which is however very popular in the domain of manufacture of pharma products. They operate with complete adherence to quality, price and promotion in terms of our manufacturing processes. The company currently have accreditations from ISO, GMP as well and WHO, and thus our firm is well accredited in the pharmaceutical industries.

They deal in every therapeutic category, like oncology products, cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, haematology, gynaecology and Ayurveda and ophthalmology products. They have well-packaged pharmaceuticals made from quality materials to avoid any contamination.

  • Spacious cosmetics storage warehouse
  • The expert R&D team ensures timely order delivery
  • Export leader in 10+ countries
  • Customized packaging and manufacturing
  • Services include private labelling, OTC, E-Commerce, Dealership Networking
  • Offer customization in terms of ingredients, packaging, and branding.

Contact Info:

Call At: +91 98722-19010

Mail To:

Address: Rajakhasa, Indora, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Benson Company

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Benson Co. has been producing fragrances and flavours to touch people’s emotions and recall incidents for more than 71 years. Since its establishment in 1949, they have been committed to delivering the best quality of its products becoming one of the largest producers of essential oils in South Asia along with the name in perfumes and flavours.

The company’s focus on customer delight has made us a trusted provider of effective and timely solutions. It has a highly skilled creative centre crucial in creating new scents and flavoured IFF’s own-label products.

  • Business development center
  • Modern blending and production facility
  • Flavor application laboratory

Address: 167, 2nd Cross, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560018

Paramount Cosmetics India Limited

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Paramount Cosmetics is one of the Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore that has a tradition of quality and innovation. With Mr. B. D. Topiwala as its founder, the company enjoys immense popularity because of its quality products and excellent knowledge of the market.

They have values such as integrity, leadership, trust, and passion for excellence which guarantee the company to deliver the best products. The company adheres to its vision and mission and it can be trusted as a partner for cosmetics manufacturing.

Address: 129, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Halasuru, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56000

Imaad Perfumes

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Imaad Perfumes was set up in 2009 with visions of becoming a fragrance oriented organization that offers experiences that can be repeat obtained. Operating in India and the Middle East, the company focuses on Oudhs and Bakhoors, Oriental Scents, and Dhenul Oudhs.

They are very reputable for their specialized perfumes and selected ingredients that make their perfumes irresistible to the old and new generations. Known as ‘The Imaad Effect,’ their passion for the science of scent has established them as a premium brand.

Address: 26/3, Bowring Hospital Road, Opposite Sultan Shah Mosque, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

DermisLove Private Limited

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

DermisLove Cosmetics Pvt Ltd holds its place among the most prestigious and distinguished 10 Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore. They are major in herbal and personal care products that accommodate the growing market of green solutions for beauty.

The company was brought into existence by Dr. Amala Jyothi and Mr. Gopakumar who ensured to uphold quality products and keep up with innovation and timely delivery of products that are satisfactory to the customers.

They make private blends concoct natural solutions and good products and have the latest equipment and fine quality control. DermisLove is the platform that users prefer when they want the best cosmetic production.

Address: No.9, 7th Cross Lakshmipura Main Road, Abbigere Chikkabanavara PO Bengaluru Urban, Bangalore KA 560090 IN

DeBelle Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

DeBelle Cosmetic specializes in enhancing and healing cosmetics made of quality natural ingredients. Nail problems are solved by non-complicated, effective products of the Nail Folks founded by Ashwini Shriyan.

The company launches new products like the Korean Biocellulose face sheet mask and provides private label manufacturing in Bangalore while promoting social causes. DeBelle is a well-established cosmetics company lauded for its scientific formulas and quality production lines.

Address: No. 35/C, 2nd Floor, Kengal Skanda Building, 80 Feet Ring Rd, Stage 1, KHB Colony, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079

Kumar Organic Products Limited

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Kumar Organic Products Limited or KOPL was founded in the year 199 and is one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers In Bangalore that holds expertise in the formulation and speciality ingredients. They synthesize active ingredients for Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care products etc which have five manufacturing facilities and a state-of-the-art Research & Development Centre in Bangalore.

With global offices and distribution in over 80 countries, KOPL holds GMP, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 which signifies quality and environmental management system. By selecting KOPL, it’s selecting innovation, quality and broad market coverage in cosmetics manufacturing.

Address: 819/C, 13th Cross, 7th Block, Near JSS College Circle, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. – 560082.

Myscira Naturals

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Myscira Naturals is a well-estimated private cosmetic manufacturer company located in Bangalore, which is started by Mythri Sekhon and Satwant Singh Sekhon, two former IAF persons. As experienced researchers in Indian climatic zones for the last two decades, they offer luxury natural cosmetics and encourage local manufacturers and startups.

Being an eco-friendly and vegetarian company that specializes in organic products and does not use animal ingredients or test on animals, Myscira Naturals is among the best cosmetic manufacturers with a rich clientele.

Address: Myscira Naturals, G-2 Anugraha Apartment, SY NO 26/1, Sampigehalli, MCECHS layout, phase-2, Agrahara, near PKS School, Jakkur(PO), Bangalore, Karnataka

Daffy Group

Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Daffy Group Of Companies has remained the market leader in cosmetics contract manufacturing for the past 20 years, backed by its quality services. It operates with modern technology and offers 40 products, helping brands across the globe.

Daffy Group is one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Manufacturers In Bangalore, specializing in wholesale cosmetics and is recognised for moving the market forward through industry improvement and modern manufacturing technologies.

Address: No. 35/C, Kengal Soudha, 2nd floor, 1st Stage, KHB Colony, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560079

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